In A Holidaze Buddy Read

Welcome to the first week of our first monthly buddy read.

I really want you to be a part of this buddy read. Don’t be shy. We’re going to have some great conversations about In A Holidaze.

If you haven’t already purchased your copy of the book, there’s still time. You can probably get a copy delivered in the next two days if you have Amazon Prime. If not, swing by Barnes and Noble.

In A Holidaze

Each week we will read 25% of the book. DO NOT read ahead. DO post in the discussion group. Here is the breakdown for the dates and the chapters.

  • Dec 5th: Chapters 1 - 9

  • Dec 12th: Chapters 10 - 15

  • Dec 19th: Chapters 16 - 21

  • Dec 26th: Chapters 22 - Epilogue